Business Inteligence Integration

Ensico Casino MAnagement powerful platform offers easy and flexible integration with any Business Inteligence software.

Over 70 Reports
Optimize Casino Floor
Understand Your Customer
Improve Profits

Visualize Your Data

Load your data into your Business Intelligence software, such as Microsoft Power BI and VizExplorer.

Ensico Business Inteligence Integration

Analyze slot floor erformance

  • Accurately calculate slot game occupancy with combined related and accounting data
  • Visualize pay patterns to determine how location affects performance
  • Get a complete picture of your slot floor and individual slot machine performance with intuitive data visualizations like floor maps and tree maps

Measure and track slot ROI

  • Make better buy/convert decisions with detailed, yet easy-to-read analytics
  • Measure ROI from machines and machine moves quickly and accurately by analyzing floormaps and related data, not just machine numbers
  • Understand the true price per hour of play by analyzing theoretical hold, game speed and the average bet per machine

Quiclkly uncover changes that will make an impact

  • Identify under performing machines instantly with the slot floor heat map SUPER GRAPHICS™, and other innovative visual analytics tools
  • Optimize multi-games on the floor easily trough detailed multi-game performance analysis reporting and hierarhical treemap SUPER GRAPHICS™
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