Cashless System

The latest technology for cashless casino operation.

The system also offers additional features when combined with Player Tracking / Bonusing.

Ensico's Cashless System is new generation technology that represents the latest product for casino operation without using cash. The system works with the assistance of RFID (no contact) cards. The technology shows significant step forward in offering casino guest better experience and therefore enhance their satisfaction.

Cashless System allows to casino guests a user-friendly mode to complete transactions for the needs of their gambling on slot machines. On the other side the Cashless System brings plenty of good features for the casino itself and helps to achieve better financial results.

Main features of the system are:

  • Advanced way of cashless business operation
  • Easy to use
  • The use of RFID cards eliminates problems like forgetting the card at slot machine and enables casino guest to automatically log off from the slot machine
  • Cashless card makes the use of Player Tracking / Bonusing easier for the casino guests

Ensico’s Cashless System is your crucial step towards excellence!

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