Ensico CMS and Analytics Intell Partnership

will provide casino clients with interactive sophisticated slot performance tracking capabilities

Ensico CMS and Analytics Intell Partnership

Casino management system solutions provider Ensico CMS partners with Analytics Intell to provide its casino clients with interactive slot performance tracking capabilities 

Analytics Intell (AI), a global, strategic data analytics company that helps casinos and integrated resorts deploy advanced analytics solutions has partnered with Ensico, a Slovenia-based casino management system provider, to expand its service offering.

 Casino Intell is an interactive application that gives real-time insights on gaming transactions to:

  • Track floor activity at-a-glance
  • Identify revenue opportunities
  • See predictive prompts to increase gaming revenue
  • View financials with built-in enterprise reporting platform
  • Re-build the casino floor using an easy, reconfiguration tool

Ensico CMS is now able to integrate its customer data with the Casino Intell application through their casino management system. The integration of the application will provide casinos with key features such as: floor mapping analytics, floor layout configuration functionality, machine selection and placement recommendation engine, player development analytics and enterprise reporting solutions.

This partnership will give 500 casino properties across 26 countries the ability to quickly integrate their data sources to optimize player engagement, casino marketing and floor mapping to improve casino operations.

About Analytics Intell

Analytics Intell is a strategic data analytics company that deploys intelligent analytics solutions to help businesses find opportunities to increase performance factors. The global team of professionals has experience across software development, business intelligence and advanced analytics to deliver comprehensive data programs and analytical tools, dashboards, and systems.

About Ensico CMS

Ensico CMS is casino management system provider that enables all features offered by the newest products from the world’s largest manufacturers in the gaming industry. We offer a diverse range of modules: Accounting, Ticketing System, Jackpot Solutions, Player Tracking / Bonusing, Cashless System, Casino Reception, Integration, and Mobile. Since our beginnings in 1998, we’ve been driven by a desire to create the world’s greatest system experience, every day.


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